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Empowering Lives, Igniting Change

Empowering Lives, Igniting Change, and Building a Brighter Tomorrow Through Volunteerism and Compassion

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Welcome to Enkare Oltau

Bringing Humanity and Dignity into all interaction.

Enkare oltau is dedicated to volunteer service that inspires, equips and mobilizes people to take action that changes the world through affiliates across the country and around the world.

Enkare Oltau Volunteers Foundation is a youth volunteers’ programme driven to transform lives of vulnerable communities through good deeds, practical and strategic needs support across the country.

Our local programs respond to the needs of the local communities and build services with a combination of support from private corporate organizations, national and local experts as well as regional and global partners.

All of our volunteers are interviewed, thoroughly trained, and screened. It is noteworthy that every local program was started by a core group of volunteers. We recognize that there are few developmentally appropriate services to serve young people especially after they attain 18 to 25years of age hence we commit to work through with the youth until they can be integrated well in the labour market while doing life changing exploits that have meaningful impact in the society.

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What We DO Differently

Empowering Change, Redefining Impact: Our Unique Approach to Making a Difference.

Intentional professionalism

Timeliness, work ethic, adherence to code of conduct, orderliness at project implementation sites.

Building Lasting Connections

Genuine up close bonding with project beneficiaries towards getting to know their needs and issues developing true relationships that are sustainable for their well being.


With all stakeholders through consistent reporting and data capture and distribution.

Volunteers have clear work tenures

Of project implementation to ensure continuity of engagement and term of engagement with project beneficiaries and stakeholders.




Pads Delivered


Trees Planted




Jobs Created


What We Advocate For

Gender Equality (SDG 5)

At Enkare Oltau Foundation, we understand the urgency of addressing climate change and its far-reaching

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Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8)

At Enkare Oltau Foundation, we recognize the critical role that decent work and sustainable economic

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Quality Education (SDG 4)

At Enkare Oltau Foundation, we firmly believe that access to quality education is a fundamental

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Join us in making a difference and become a valued volunteer today!

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