About Us

About Enkare Oltau Foundation

In the year 2017, a group of young, passionate individuals at the University of Nairobi dared to dream of a world where actions spoke louder than words. It all started during a period of election recess when one of our university lecturers, recognizing the untapped potential within us, issued a challenge to our founder, Petronila. He urged her to harness her vibrant energy for a purposeful cause during the break.

Petronila rose to the challenge and walked into the office of the director of Peace Cop Kenya, declaring her readiness to volunteer. Little did she know that her enthusiasm and vision would inspire a volunteer movement like no other. In just one week, 150 students from six universities were prepared to serve their country by conducting civic awareness campaigns in the streets of Nairobi. Our journey had begun.

Our unique volunteer program saw university students taking the lead in advocating for peaceful elections, addressing the public, and engaging with motorists in traffic to stress the importance of maintaining peace. This initiative caught the attention of various organizations, including the Ministry of Gender and the 1195 GBV Helpline, who welcomed these zealous youths into their campaigns to raise awareness about the need to protect women and children during elections.

Our Focus Areas

As an organization we focus on implementing these four SDGs that we believe are core to our existence. We believe that these four SDGs are pillars in the development and sustainability of the other 13 SDGs.

Quality Education

We champion for equal access to quality education for all.

Gender Equality

We empower both genders to live up to their full potential.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

We promote inclusive, decent, and sustainable employment opportunities.

Climate Action

We take action to protect our environment and combat climate change.




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