Driving Change through the Power of Volunteerism

In a world where change is often sought but rarely achieved, there exists a shining beacon of hope and transformation: the Enkare Oltau Foundation. This remarkable organization was born from the dreams and dedication of a group of young, passionate individuals at the University of Nairobi in 2017. Their mission? To change the world through their actions, with volunteerism as their driving force.

Volunteerism is the heartbeat of positive change, where small actions create ripples of hope that can transform the world.
– Unknown

The Birth of a Vision

As campuses prepared for an election recess, one university lecturer posed a challenge to Petronila, the foundation’s founder. He encouraged her to harness her vibrant energy for a purposeful cause during the break. Little did anyone know that this challenge would be the catalyst for something extraordinary.

With unwavering determination, Petronila walked into the office of the director of Peace Cop Kenya and declared her readiness to volunteer. Her enthusiasm and vision for mobilizing university students from across the city to promote peace during the upcoming elections left a lasting impression. In just a week, 150 students from six universities were prepared to serve their country by conducting civic awareness campaigns in the streets of Nairobi.


A Volunteer Program Like No Other

This volunteer program was unlike any other. It involved passionate university students taking the lead in advocating for peaceful elections, addressing the public, and engaging with motorists in traffic to stress the importance of maintaining peace. The sight of these young leaders from the University of Nairobi and other institutions taking charge in promoting peace during elections was both inspiring and unprecedented.

A Movement Takes Shape

Their initiative caught the attention of various organizations, including the Ministry of Gender and the 1195 GBV Helpline, which welcomed these zealous youths into their campaigns to raise awareness about the need to protect women and children during elections. These campaigns extended to the streets and informal settlements like Mathare and Kibera, leaving a profound impact.

A Visionary Leader Emerges

The experience stirred something within Petronila. She discovered two vital aspects of herself: the ability to mobilize and lead young people behind a worthy cause, and the capability to implement the change she envisioned for her country. As a peace practitioner and emerging sociologist, her path was taking shape through a bold move into volunteerism.

The Fire of Change Continues to Burn

After the elections, the passion and determination of these young change-makers showed no signs of fading. It became evident that more needed to be done. Their burning desire to serve their country and make a difference led to invitations from various organizations seeking their assistance in volunteer capacities.

The organizations that believed in the potential of Enkare Oltau Foundation, long before its legal establishment, included The Sickle Cell Society of Kenya, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Society of Kenya, and UNV Kenya. These partnerships provided volunteers with opportunities to apply their academic knowledge and skills in real-world settings.

A Bold Vision Takes Shape

For Petronila, her graduation with a double major degree in sociology and peace studies marked the beginning of her journey. She recognized her calling involved championing causes she was passionate about, rallying like-minded young people, and addressing a critical gap in the job market through corporate volunteerism.

And so, Enkare Oltau Foundation was born—a testament to the power of youthful passion, determination, and the bold act of volunteering.

Stay tuned as we continue to share the incredible stories of impact and transformation brought about by the Enkare Oltau Foundation, where volunteerism drives change, and change inspires a brighter future for all.

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