Soap Making

Our second initiative in the month of March was for SORAYA girls, young teenage mothers who we shall be empowering for the rest of 2024. Our first cohort was the teen mum’s from Kibera. We trained the 15 teen mum’s on small scale entrepreneurship that will enable them achieve financial independence. Our training was on basic soap making and basic cake making. 

These are skills training that as an organization we offer that require affordable capital. Our own volunteers conducted the training and at the end of it all, the young mothers had to conduct a practical session of what they had learnt to ensure the knowledge and skills had successfully been transferred. It was an insightful session that ended in the ladies going home with the products they had made. 

Their feedback remains encouraging because they have already set up savings programs to enable them save money to start their baking and cake making business. We shall be having several financial literacy programs and hands on skills training to empower all the soraya teen mums in the course of the year.