Solar lamps in Magadi

 We distributed solar lamps to the women of Esonorua in Magadi, which is one of the areas we have adopted to empower as an organization. Through donations from Solar Mtaani, we received Solar Lamps that we installed in the Manyattas of the women of Magadi and for the students of Esonorua Primary School, particularly the girl child. We chose to celebrate this International Women’s Day empowering the women of Magadi because culturally, they are the backbone of their homes. 

The distance they go to get food, the long working hours in the market to sell merchandise to support their homes, the challenge of fetching and using firewood to light up their homes is one that many overlook. By empowering them with rechargeable, portable, solar lamps to light up their homes, we have empowered homes. The women can sell for longer hours in the market, there is reduced carbon emission from the use of firewood to light up their homes, they don’t have to walk long distances to charge their phones resulting to more productivity and increased income. 

The same goes to the students in Esonorua school who we also donated solar lamps to. Now, especially the girl child can spend longer hours studying at home as they formerly had to use firewood, the quality of their health will improve as they no longer have to use carbon producing charcoal during their studies. The students also feel safer going to school as the portable lamps get to light up their paths since the area does not have access to electricity. The school as a whole anticipates better performance after we donated solar lamps to them as well, since the school doesn’t have electricity, the solar lamps will go a long way in ensuring the classes are well lit and students can study constantly.